Get Fuzzy- I need to Google Your Threat!

26 05 2008

This is a pretty funny Get Fuzzy icon I found on the internet….

I’m gonna bet that there is some dumbass out there that did this in real life….lol


Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle

26 05 2008

This is actually a follow up of my last blog post. So I did some research and I am not the only person to figure that we could predict the future with enough information about the universe and such. The reason is in quantum mechanics there is the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle. It states that you cannot observe an object without changing the momentum and vice versa. So the more know know about its location the less you know about it’s trajectory, and you can never full know either.

This principle alone defeats many ideas on predicting the future and theories on teleportation. But momentum is based on time isn’t it? And many would argue that time is an illusion. Based on experimentation done aboard spacecrafts we have sent to space we have discovered that time passes slower on an object when it is near a source of gravity and it passes slower if your in space with no source of gravity near you.

So is time a fourth dimension like Einstein said or is it just out imagination?

-to be continued… 😀

Convincing Comment

25 05 2008

“What will hapen is that the Age of Aquarius is beginning. Thus, we see so many nature disasters – flooding in Asia, flooding in India, flooding in New Orleans – that have everything to do with water. – – Now, in some books (James Redfield’s ‘Celestine Prophecy’) it states that the entire Maya society has not disappeared, but gone to the higher vibration dimensions. – – As we know it today, we are in the third dimension. By 2012, the Earth will come up to the 5th dimension. – – The ones who are not ready yet, will die by he nature disasters. Yes, that’s sounds awful, but remember – death is just anther start. Then, their souls will be transported to another planet with 3rd dimension, where they will level up onto 5th dimension with time. – – As for the humans here, well it says that only 1/3 of Earth’s population will come up on 5th dimension. You will see Light and you will have a choice to come up to the 5th dimension, or remain in the present 3rd one. – – In 5th dimension, you will nave a new DNA string, you will be able to communicate by telepathy, et cetera. – – Right now, many guardian angels, which are connected with each human on this planet, are preparing humans to awaken. Many angels, elfs and space people have chosen to reincarnate here in these times. – – I got all of this information forom Dennis Stanfeld “Book Of Angels”. He also describes different alien species – both good and bad. I stongly recommend you to read it if you are interested in this subject.”

This is a post i found on a site talking about 2012 and how it will be the end of the world. To be honest this post sounds kind of convincing because it explains the disappearence of the Mayans. But to kicker here is how would this person know? If when we die our souls would just appear in another place then why are we fighting so hard to survive in this life?

Lots of things don’t add up….No matter what I’m gonna survive 2012!!!! YEA AZNS FOREVER!!!!!! lol 😀

My Theory of Probability

16 05 2008

The world we live can be predicted. Every event that happens is predictable. Like a good chess player, if you think many steps beyond your opponent, then you can predict what they might do and prevent them from winning. The world operates in the same way.

Everytime you flip a coin you think the outcome is random right? The actual answer is no if you think about it. If the first time you flip a coin you might either get a head or tail, if you flip again but have every condition be the same, like amount of energy used to flip the coin, air pressure, wind, temperature, and so on, then you would get the exact same result. Why? Because if you think about it nothing has changed. Its like a computer program, it acts the way it does because it has been told exactly what to do.

It is just like throwing a knife and catching it on the handle, I know it’s possible because I can do it. Like flipping a coin its not how you catch it, its how you throw it. Somethings will have a high error state, which means it is easily influenced by factors, like flipping a coin. Even a tiny amount of force can change it from being heads to tails. Things that have low error state are things like taking an apple from a crate of apples. there is a very small chance that your going to get a pear because there are not many ways a pear can get into a box of apples.

If you flipped a coin with a machine in a lab, program the machine to use exactly a certain amount of force to flip the coin, have the coin start in on the same side every time, and finally flip the coin in a vacuum condition, I guarantee you the coin will land on the exact same side every time. This is why I think that way: if you use a set amount of force every time to flip a coin then the coin will rotate exactly the same number of times every time. The vacuum will prevent other factors like wind, temperature, and other factors from affecting it. Given these conditions that you have it is almost impossible for anything else to happen. Because it is a vacuum that means it will land exactly the same way every time given that everything stays constant.

All this is just an interesting thought I came upon while thinking on the way from the bus stop to my home. Its funny how you could think of the most amazing things while walking 😀

How Ethanol Backfired

13 05 2008

Biofuels is actually worsening global warming, driving up food prices, and ruining our environment. In reality biofuel made from sugar cane is the only type of fuel that is efficient enough to cut emission and help our environment. Corn is one of the most inefficient types of plants to make biofuel from, and also the most expensive. According to Popular Science, we currently have 13 million diesel engines, which can run on biofuel made from planets like corn, soybeans, and sugarcane

The Amazon rain forests, the jewel of our planet, are being cut down to plant soybeans to supply the ethanol market. Only a fraction of the once magnificent rain forest remains. Rain forests is not only a major supplier of our oxygen it also has the ability to store the carbon, the element that is the cause of global warming. Large amounts of forests are burned during deforestation and all of those carbon are being released into the air. This in turn increase our greenhouse gases and increase global warming. Global warming is real, not a myth created by scientists, we have to do everything we can to stop it. According to Time, “750,000 acres of Brazilian rain forest were lost in the last six months of 2007, (equal to the area of Rhode Island).

According to Time magazine, the amount of corn it takes to make the ethanol used to fill a SUV could feed a person for 365 days. There are people going to bed every night starving in many developing countries like Africa. We should no be making fuel to power our cars when those food can save a person from starving or dying. So in other words we car more about our cars than we do the people.

Corn made ethanol is affecting our entire economy, and most of them are bad. Many soybean planters have switched to corn because the demand for corn has risen more profits can be earned from selling corn. The demand for soybeans have grown due to the fact that so many farmers switched to corn. Farmers in Brazil have displaced pastures for ranch animals and cleared away amazon rain forest land to meet the global demand for soybeans.

Ethanol is not what everyone thinks it to be. It cannot be our solution to independence from foreign fuel because even if we converted all of the land in the U.S. to be farm land we would only satisfy about 20% of all our fuel needs. Politicians and big business are pushing for ethanol because for politicians it seems like they are doing something to help save global warming and big businesses can make huge amounts of money at the same time. In reality ethanol from corn is not efficient enough, unlike sugarcane ethanol, to actually cut more emission that it takes to make the fuel. It corrodes pipelines so its hard to transport. Yet, according to Time magazine, the biofuel market will reach around 100 billion in 2010. Out of 10,000 things in an actual grocery store about 2,500 will be either made with corn or processed or have something to do with corn. Are you ready to pay more for daily products during the recession?

Fat Foods and Exercise

10 05 2008

Ever since my mom took my little brother back to China for a vacation me and my dad has had a lot of spare time, and since I am going to high school next year I need to join a sport, and tennis and track are my two main options. So my dad and I practice tennis everyday, for a long time. An hour of tennis every single day really burns up fat, I use to be kinda chubby and within a week I had worked most of my body fat off.

The other thing is almost everyday we eat out at a food joint. That can’t possibly be good for you, but I am actually losing weight. After watching that movie supersize me i thought I was gonna be some fatso whose gonna die soon. But this is the thing I found out about weight loss. Losing weight through not eating is almost like torture and it doesn’t work that fast because your body slows it metabolism.

On the other hand if you eat a lot and exercise a lot at the same time you lose fat and gain muscles. Muscles burn fat even when it’s not being used. Plus when you eat more your body speeds up its metabolism. For a person like me whose metabolism is normally fast because of the fact I do a few sports i really don’t get fat even though I eat a lot, and by a lot I mean a ton of food….


10 05 2008

When the US “acquired” Hawaii did anyone boycott their Olympics? Or made all those pesky news stories about how human rights isn’t in place or some person got shot because they were in a protest. The history books made it clear that US acquired Hawaii without killing anyone or forced anything on anyone… practical. History books are not all that accurate.

Heres the thing: Tibet is one of the most isolated and possibly one of the most poorest places on Earth. China decided to take it over during the Second World War. We have pretty much brought civilization to their very small and isolated island. We have made it possible for them to travel out of Tibet and maybe get a different job besides raising chickens and farming land. They wouldn’t even have a railroad if it weren’t for China.

China has one of those policies that if your an ethnic groups that has a population under some certain amount then you can have a self-governing  government. Which means China lets you have your own system of government. There are something live over 200 of those groups in China. Most located in the Inner Mongolia region. Tibet counts as one of them, I think, not one hundred percent sure on this. If you know the answer feel free to leave comment to share info with all of us.

China has always been right on one thing, and that is protesting. If you look into Chinese history whenever there is protest there has always been bloodshed and Tibet is not the first groups of people to experience this. The Communist government is kind of scared of getting overthrown, but then again who isn’t?

So in the end the blame lies on the Dalia Lama. He supports peaceful protests but it is a form of protest nonetheless. And the human rights arguement is old, people in mainland China have the same rights, they are living happily and are living in a prosperous country. Tibet just needs a bit of time to adapt and China should try to control the protest, not crush it, and maybe hear them out on what they have to say. In the end though Tibet cannot possibly hope to get out of the control of China, so they should accept the new change and hopefully prosper like the people living in China.