How Ethanol Backfired

13 05 2008

Biofuels is actually worsening global warming, driving up food prices, and ruining our environment. In reality biofuel made from sugar cane is the only type of fuel that is efficient enough to cut emission and help our environment. Corn is one of the most inefficient types of plants to make biofuel from, and also the most expensive. According to Popular Science, we currently have 13 million diesel engines, which can run on biofuel made from planets like corn, soybeans, and sugarcane

The Amazon rain forests, the jewel of our planet, are being cut down to plant soybeans to supply the ethanol market. Only a fraction of the once magnificent rain forest remains. Rain forests is not only a major supplier of our oxygen it also has the ability to store the carbon, the element that is the cause of global warming. Large amounts of forests are burned during deforestation and all of those carbon are being released into the air. This in turn increase our greenhouse gases and increase global warming. Global warming is real, not a myth created by scientists, we have to do everything we can to stop it. According to Time, “750,000 acres of Brazilian rain forest were lost in the last six months of 2007, (equal to the area of Rhode Island).

According to Time magazine, the amount of corn it takes to make the ethanol used to fill a SUV could feed a person for 365 days. There are people going to bed every night starving in many developing countries like Africa. We should no be making fuel to power our cars when those food can save a person from starving or dying. So in other words we car more about our cars than we do the people.

Corn made ethanol is affecting our entire economy, and most of them are bad. Many soybean planters have switched to corn because the demand for corn has risen more profits can be earned from selling corn. The demand for soybeans have grown due to the fact that so many farmers switched to corn. Farmers in Brazil have displaced pastures for ranch animals and cleared away amazon rain forest land to meet the global demand for soybeans.

Ethanol is not what everyone thinks it to be. It cannot be our solution to independence from foreign fuel because even if we converted all of the land in the U.S. to be farm land we would only satisfy about 20% of all our fuel needs. Politicians and big business are pushing for ethanol because for politicians it seems like they are doing something to help save global warming and big businesses can make huge amounts of money at the same time. In reality ethanol from corn is not efficient enough, unlike sugarcane ethanol, to actually cut more emission that it takes to make the fuel. It corrodes pipelines so its hard to transport. Yet, according to Time magazine, the biofuel market will reach around 100 billion in 2010. Out of 10,000 things in an actual grocery store about 2,500 will be either made with corn or processed or have something to do with corn. Are you ready to pay more for daily products during the recession?




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13 05 2008
Global Warming » How Ethanol Backfired

[…] The Life and Times of Archimedes Pozo | wrote an interesting post today on How Ethanol BackfiredHere’s a quick excerpt…is not only a major supplier of our oxygen it also has the ability to store the carbon, the element that is the cause of global warming. […]

20 05 2008

I’m not an environmentalist and I do not think global warming is anthropogenic.

11 03 2017
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How Ethanol Backfired | Spartan2012’s Blog

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