It’s Summer!

13 06 2008

Yes! it is summer! the season is freedom and boredom. Ahh, its better to be bored than to have to work all day!

but still have to prepare for the SAT so i can try out for tjhsst next year! ahh…..if i get into tjhsst then—–:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:


Money Money Everywhere

10 06 2008

They said recently that a middle class wouldn’t exist in US anymore. Its just going to be the rich and the poor. Thats rly rly depressing, cuz my family is middle class.

I need to get rich, fast! when i grow up, its not a matter of wanting to its how?

So many things are already thought of, so many laws are being passed on what u can do in business and what u can’t, all the good ideas are already thought of already. Ugh! How am i ever going to get rich? In order to survive in this society and live the good life I need cash, lots of it and  a continuous  flow of it too!

Maybe I’ll start some internet company…..hmmm…..


8 06 2008

It’s like this every year, I can’t wait until summer and yet when it finally arrives I am stuck at home doing nothing. So bored right now and it is not even summer yet!

I can’t wait for final exam results, I need an A in latin and a B+ in geometry, cuz at this point it is not possible for me to get an A in geometry no matter how hard I try. (by the way i don’t suck at geometry its just the teacher teachers us extra crap not in the book and tests us on it, i wish i got the other geometry honors teacher, so easy to get an A there.)

BTW, bored…..Any advice on what I should do over the summer is totally welcome!

Got to be Kidding

8 06 2008

Fcps is the worst school district to be in. OMFG, other schools in the US has the 10 point grading scale, meaning 90-100 is an A and they get a 1.0 weighted grade on AP and .5 on honors classes in high school. Meaning honors full score is 4.5, and AP is 5.0.

So unfair, other kids will have the advantage when it comes to applying for college. Guess who gets stuck with the bad GPA and might have to go to some shit school, have a shit career, and have a shit life cuz of some dumb school system that wants to be different from every other school in the state, possibly the entire US.

They should not make it hard for us to get As, we r the ones paying the tax so we should have a say in the practices of the school system. There are over 5000 thousand people against this grading system. I have a 93 in geometry right now, its a 3.5 on my GPA. I should be getting a 4.0 if i moved like 20 miles towards loundon county. I should actually have a 4.5 if i was in another county cuz of the .5 bonus they give to honor courses. FCPS only gives the .5 bonus to AP courses while other school systems give a full 1.0.

So damn unfair, I want to move to some other school god damn it!


8 06 2008

Just finished watching the movie Chaos Theory. Good movie…..better than most.

I learned a very important thing from this movie, and it is that the future is determined. The chaos theory is a real theory explaining events like weather and how we can never fully predict the outcome of it yet the weather of this planet was determined from the day our Earth existed.

The reason is we just don’t have all the information. We can’t predict it because we’re part of it. But the thing remains is what if it was a different planet? Say Mars was an Earth like planet with living life and organism on it, would be able to predict everything that is going to happen on that planet? We’re no part of it, we don’t effect it, and lastly we don’t have contact with it. Those factors allow us to fully understand something that exists.

Einstein was right when he said ” god does not play dice with the future.” But then again, we’re not god so therefore we cannot predict the future, we can have a slight idea of what it is going to be but we can never know for sure, because everything we do can affect what the future outcome is.

So from today I will do my best to predict things but will act accordingly on a situation basis, that way I won’t fail 😀