Got to be Kidding

8 06 2008

Fcps is the worst school district to be in. OMFG, other schools in the US has the 10 point grading scale, meaning 90-100 is an A and they get a 1.0 weighted grade on AP and .5 on honors classes in high school. Meaning honors full score is 4.5, and AP is 5.0.

So unfair, other kids will have the advantage when it comes to applying for college. Guess who gets stuck with the bad GPA and might have to go to some shit school, have a shit career, and have a shit life cuz of some dumb school system that wants to be different from every other school in the state, possibly the entire US.

They should not make it hard for us to get As, we r the ones paying the tax so we should have a say in the practices of the school system. There are over 5000 thousand people against this grading system. I have a 93 in geometry right now, its a 3.5 on my GPA. I should be getting a 4.0 if i moved like 20 miles towards loundon county. I should actually have a 4.5 if i was in another county cuz of the .5 bonus they give to honor courses. FCPS only gives the .5 bonus to AP courses while other school systems give a full 1.0.

So damn unfair, I want to move to some other school god damn it!




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