8 06 2008

Just finished watching the movie Chaos Theory. Good movie…..better than most.

I learned a very important thing from this movie, and it is that the future is determined. The chaos theory is a real theory explaining events like weather and how we can never fully predict the outcome of it yet the weather of this planet was determined from the day our Earth existed.

The reason is we just don’t have all the information. We can’t predict it because we’re part of it. But the thing remains is what if it was a different planet? Say Mars was an Earth like planet with living life and organism on it, would be able to predict everything that is going to happen on that planet? We’re no part of it, we don’t effect it, and lastly we don’t have contact with it. Those factors allow us to fully understand something that exists.

Einstein was right when he said ” god does not play dice with the future.” But then again, we’re not god so therefore we cannot predict the future, we can have a slight idea of what it is going to be but we can never know for sure, because everything we do can affect what the future outcome is.

So from today I will do my best to predict things but will act accordingly on a situation basis, that way I won’t fail 😀




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