Are sugar rockets dangerous?

20 08 2008

I’ve thinking about building a rocket, possibly powered by sugar or some easily accessible fuel source. I want to make one of those rocket powered bikes that some guy made, it was an article published in Popular Science. Apparently the thing could go at somwhere around 30-45 miles an hour…thats like as fast as you can drive on a local road.

So if i build one of those bikes could i get seriously injured if something exploded or i crash into a post??? that would be extremely painful as well…..crashing into something at 30 miles an hours, ugh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I’m Back!!!

20 08 2008

Long time no post. Its summer I was out chilling, being bored, and such.

Ugh going to high school as a Freshmen next year, dunno what to expect….hope i get invited to some parties though ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, so screwed right now, i have a 500 page book to read in less than 2 weeks for the stupid summer reading project.

Why do they assign summer reading to honor students? shouldnt the whole program be reserved for the dumb ass people who don’t know how to read? I read at a college level…..they probably read at a normal 9th grade level…..pft…..boring……


19 08 2008

Dumb Test
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Olympics Medal Tracker

10 08 2008

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Olympic Medal winners at NBC!