General Election 2008

6 09 2008

This years residental elections are seriously screwed up. All the good people aren’t running, instead we’re stuck with Obama, whose inexperienced, arrogant, and wants to increase taxes. One the other hand we have McCain who might be kind of like Bush. Why can’t Al Gore run again?

If Al Gore was elected instead of bush in 2000 then we wouldn’t have the idiotic war on middle east, not would our enviroment be so screwed up, and we wouldn’t be in debt. Gore or someone good should run for president this year. If Bill Clintion was running or Gore was running then obama or mccain wouldn’t stand a chance. With Bill we actually had a surplus of money in th governement, not a mountain of debt.

Whats really screwed up is that gore actually had the majority of people wanting him to be president in the election, stupid supreme court……damn them




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