Assholes in High School

13 09 2008

I have found that there are some really nice people in high school, adn theres the assholes in school who do nothing but piss you off. like this kid Angad for example…..quote “I know every pressure point in the body and I can kick your ass” and if i remember correctly he backed out of a fight against a fatass with man boobs (RJ Garcia) , and yea i know its kinda mean but its pretty accurate and that kid was an asshole last year.

But honestly….last time i checked there are like hundreds of pressure points in the human body and its almost impossible to memorize them all, sheesh, if ur gonna lie about something at least make sure its plausible before saying them out loud.

And shit talking on facebook? Thats just plain cowardness, hes probably afraid to say that crap to my face, on facebook on the other hand I can really do anything about it other than say some right back at him.

point is assholes are the people you should rumors about and make their life really miserable, and hope that they kill themselves or die in a horrible plane accident or car crash.




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