Why Obama’s not the right choice

1 11 2008

I’ll be honest, I’m a McCain supporter. I live in a middle class household with parents earning the middle class wage. Yet I am still a big supporter of John McCain, did I forget to mention I’m also a minority? (I’m Chinese).

In my opinion Obama seems like the kind of person whose pride is his greatest enemy. For example his campaign seal very closely matches the president’s seal. He acts like he won the election already; he’s already making plans on which he is going to appoint to work for him. What if you lose Obama? What if you lose the general election? Have you ever thought for a single second that you might not win?

Obama’s plans are great, I would love a tax cut and I would love to get a couple thousand dollars worth of tax credits when I get into college. But are they really practical? In order to give us that thousand dollar tax cut he’s going to have to heavily tax the rich, which is going to hurt both our economy and our job market. Bad economy=no jobs, no jobs=no money……..

Plus what happened to campaign finance reform Obama? Oh did you decide to ditch that issue after you spent more than any other presidential candidate in US history? According to CNN, Obama has spent around 270 million dollars on advertising and McCain has spent around 125 million dollars. Obama’s spending more than twice the amount than McCain, and yet according to real clear politics he only has around a 5-6 point lead. Mathematically he should have a 33.3 point lead over McCain. If they had the same amount of money, I guarantee you Obama would be losing right now!

The one scary thing I have realized about Obama is that he’s changed his mind on issues after he discovers that switching sides would get him more votes. Obama’s so desperate for the white house that there is no real way of determining what would happen when he actually gets into the white house. He might develop a totally new platform, he might change his mind on policies and issues just like he did with offshore drilling.

Also, Obama’s against nuclear power. How do you achieve energy independence without utilizing one of the most environmentally clean (zero CO2 emissions) and one of the most cost efficient ways of getting electricity? Does this guy want us to burn coal for another 4 years? You’re going to have to get that energy from somewhere and the US simply doesn’t have to natural resources.

Point is, Vote for McCain, Obama’s not the correct choice for the white house. He’s inexperienced, vain, and his overall arrogance is going to cost him the election and the ticket to the white house!




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