Obama’s Logic is Flawed Logic?

2 11 2008

I was watching CNN today, and it showed Obama in a rally asking the people in his rally how many of them earns less than 250k a year. Almost everyone in the audience raised their hands. He was talking about his tax reforms and he says he is not a socialist and he doesn’t support a redistribution of wealth.

Well since hes only going to be taxing the people earning 250k and above then how is the government going to get enough money to sustain themselves? There is only one percent of people making above 250k, how high are those people’s taxes going to be to pay for all the other people’s tax cuts?

He also mentions that he will not make a smaller government, instead he’s going to make a better and more efficient government. So all in all he’s not going to cut pork or wasteful spending within the government, becuase right now I think we can all agree that the government is way to big and many of the agencies are not doing their job as well as they should be. the FDA for example, fails to inspect products and fails to ban certain potientally harmful chemicals in comsumer products, even when other countries have banned them.

Again, This shows that Obama’s words are decieving, his whole campaign is put out to decieve the ignorant voters, and if elected to the white house, he will surely try to decieve us tax payers into supporting his decieving policies!




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