Israel versus Hamas

4 01 2009

In my opinion Israel is making the wrong decision by attacking Gaza. Their invasion has failed in the sense that it didn’t accomplish what it set out to do, which was stopping the rocket attacks. They have killed over 500 innocent civilians. But in reality they have killed much more. They have stopped humanitarian aid, which brings food and medical supplies for the people of Gaza, which in turn have probably caused more deaths than the 500 caused be their invasion.

Also the Hamas rocket attacks hasn’t killed a single person so far, and they’ve been launching them for a good amount of time right now. I think that Israel’s retaliation has gone a little too far.

You don’t fight a way this way. Unlike the US army who go out of their way to avoid civilian causalities, the Israelis are carelessly killing the innocents. What Israel should have done is let food and trade go through the borders of Gaza, let their civilians have their way. Maybe then the rocket attacks would stop? Instead they use their army, which yes invaded Gaza and divided into three parts. But has the rockets stopped? No.

In the beginning before Israel air striked gaza the people there might have been unhappy with their government because supplies were scarce and people were suffering. They might have been happy if someone overthrew the Hama government. Now instead of being angry at the Hamas government they are pissed at Israel for killing over 500 of their own. The Hamas could use this as propganda and recruit people into their cause, thereby making the invasion of Israeli army more difficult.

The part that bothers me though is that the US blocked a UN, which means that the US is actually backing the Israel’s side. Right now what the two sides needs is peace and stability, war and conflict will not solve anyone’s problems. Also the US has now gained one more enemy…..this is bad because this might result in increased levels of terrorism, which puts my life in danger.

This all boils down to this: If both sides the Hamas and Israel can reach a peaceful agreement then everyone would be happy. The civilians on both sides would be safe and happy. It would bring stability to the region and prevent further warfare.




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