Nostradomus’s Prophecies

25 04 2009

I recently saw History channel’s Armageddon shows. There was one talking about mabus, and how its supposed to spelled out sadam if you reverse the letters, which is supposed to represent Saddam Hussein This led to me wondering about something: why has the prophecies of Nostradamus been undecipherable until the event has actually happened? We could not have been able to know about Mabus/Sadam until after Saddam came into power.

I think there might be a reason behind this code or puzzle. Think about it, if we were to say decipher the future using the writing or drawings of Notradomus, then we would be able to change it. That means that the rest of the prophecies would be useless afterwards because everything would be different after we changed or averted how events would play out.

This leads to one conclusion: that his last prophecy or predictation would be the one he wants us to listen to or follow. If the world was really going to end, then he’s using the earlier prophecies to build his credibility so we would be more supportive of his final one. This final one might not be in codes or a puzzle, where we might get it right or wrong. The last one will probably be the one warning us to not do something or to not act in a certain way that would end our existence.




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