Fat Foods and Exercise

10 05 2008

Ever since my mom took my little brother back to China for a vacation me and my dad has had a lot of spare time, and since I am going to high school next year I need to join a sport, and tennis and track are my two main options. So my dad and I practice tennis everyday, for a long time. An hour of tennis every single day really burns up fat, I use to be kinda chubby and within a week I had worked most of my body fat off.

The other thing is almost everyday we eat out at a food joint. That can’t possibly be good for you, but I am actually losing weight. After watching that movie supersize me i thought I was gonna be some fatso whose gonna die soon. But this is the thing I found out about weight loss. Losing weight through not eating is almost like torture and it doesn’t work that fast because your body slows it metabolism.

On the other hand if you eat a lot and exercise a lot at the same time you lose fat and gain muscles. Muscles burn fat even when it’s not being used. Plus when you eat more your body speeds up its metabolism. For a person like me whose metabolism is normally fast because of the fact I do a few sports i really don’t get fat even though I eat a lot, and by a lot I mean a ton of food….