High School

6 09 2008

going from middle high school to high school is so different. oakton high school is huge! But then again i adapt to new place well so i have never really been late to any classes. also the workload is totally different. I used to be able to just coast along in classes, but not anymore. The honors and pre-ap classes are so vigorious.

I totally need a good grade though. I need to get into a good college, thinking about upenn, mit, and harvard. but those schools are like so hard to get into. everyone is looking to get into those. maybe if i’m lucky i can get in.

the day also feels much much more shorter. instead of the 8 classes you have in middle school u only have 4 a day in high school with 7th period u have everyday. that makes the day feel much shorter and it gives me much more time for hw :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

only 2 more years of language left 😀 takin latin 2 this year, next year i take latin 3 and then i’m done! i’ll probably take business electives so then i can get the knowledge to start my own business someday, also business classes give very little hw, with fiance i have no hw 😀

the teachers all seem pretty nice as well, dunno if thats just the first week of schol though. because u know all teachers are nice on the first couple of days. i think the fiance teacher is rly nice though, she has ood rules and makes good jokes during class. plus i really admire old people cuz they know more and has more experience with life so i have lots to learn

some ppl told me that some teachers might be rly mean. but not really worried. i’m always kind of the quiet kid in class. i just need good grades, extracuriccular activities, and a gf. then i’m happy in high school. lets hope that things go my way for the next four years!!! 😀