10 05 2008

When the US “acquired” Hawaii did anyone boycott their Olympics? Or made all those pesky news stories about how human rights isn’t in place or some person got shot because they were in a protest. The history books made it clear that US acquired Hawaii without killing anyone or forced anything on anyone…..be practical. History books are not all that accurate.

Heres the thing: Tibet is one of the most isolated and possibly one of the most poorest places on Earth. China decided to take it over during the Second World War. We have pretty much brought civilization to their very small and isolated island. We have made it possible for them to travel out of Tibet and maybe get a different job besides raising chickens and farming land. They wouldn’t even have a railroad if it weren’t for China.

China has one of those policies that if your an ethnic groups that has a population under some certain amount then you can have a self-governing  government. Which means China lets you have your own system of government. There are something live over 200 of those groups in China. Most located in the Inner Mongolia region. Tibet counts as one of them, I think, not one hundred percent sure on this. If you know the answer feel free to leave comment to share info with all of us.

China has always been right on one thing, and that is protesting. If you look into Chinese history whenever there is protest there has always been bloodshed and Tibet is not the first groups of people to experience this. The Communist government is kind of scared of getting overthrown, but then again who isn’t?

So in the end the blame lies on the Dalia Lama. He supports peaceful protests but it is a form of protest nonetheless. And the human rights arguement is old, people in mainland China have the same rights, they are living happily and are living in a prosperous country. Tibet just needs a bit of time to adapt and China should try to control the protest, not crush it, and maybe hear them out on what they have to say. In the end though Tibet cannot possibly hope to get out of the control of China, so they should accept the new change and hopefully prosper like the people living in China.