Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle

26 05 2008

This is actually a follow up of my last blog post. So I did some research and I am not the only person to figure that we could predict the future with enough information about the universe and such. The reason is in quantum mechanics there is the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle. It states that you cannot observe an object without changing the momentum and vice versa. So the more know know about its location the less you know about it’s trajectory, and you can never full know either.

This principle alone defeats many ideas on predicting the future and theories on teleportation. But momentum is based on time isn’t it? And many would argue that time is an illusion. Based on experimentation done aboard spacecrafts we have sent to space we have discovered that time passes slower on an object when it is near a source of gravity and it passes slower if your in space with no source of gravity near you.

So is time a fourth dimension like Einstein said or is it just out imagination?

-to be continued…..lol 😀