Know When to Give Up Hiliary

10 05 2008

Every encounter one of those situation on an auction site. Where you know you want the item and you know you just know your going to win but this pesky guy keeps bidding the minimum amount just to try and hopefully win the item. In the end you pay a high price and he doesn’t win squat, and your thinkin asshole….

Exact same thing is happening with this year’s democratic primaries. Hiliary is like a pain in the ass for Obama. According to a poll displayed in Time Magazine, if Hiliary and McCain ran against each other right now they would have a tie, on the other hand if Obama ran against McCain then he would beat the Republicans by 3 percent. Shes evidently not up to the task of running against Obama. If she really wants her party to win this election she should just back off.

Okay to get a real sense of what opinions real people have everyone who reads this blog post reply with a comment on whether you want Obama, Hiliary, Or McCain to win. This will also give the reader of this post a more realistic sense of what average people think about the candidates.

But honestly think about it. The analogy in the beginning of this post had an ending of a lose-lose situation. If Hiliary keeps attacking Obama at this point in the race when she is evidently going to lose the primaries, then the only thing that would do is keep Obama from winning the general elections against McCain. If she drops out she might have another chance to run again four years from now.